Decking & Outdoors

Bamboo Decking

FSC certified, natural, sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo decking from Dasso comes with:

25 years warranty
Class A (Bfl-s1) Fire-rating
LEED MR6 Credit
Termite, Fungus & Mold Proof

The thermo-density treated, strand woven bamboo board consist of 87% bamboo and 13% resin, free from VOCs. Available in dark brown (XTR) and Light Brown (CTECH). Additional products include balustrades, wall and eaves cladding, etc.


With the application of Dasso's patented nano-ceramic technology, CTECH retains its original colour during the manufacturing process with the same performance and durability as its XTR counterpart.

CTECH comes factory finished with decking oil in cognac (light brown) colour. Decking is reversible - smooth and ribbed surface option and comes with stainless steel clips for easy and safe installation.

Dasso XTR

Dasso XTR is a solid, high density bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo strips. It undergoes a special, patented heat treatment process to alter the hardness, dimensional stability and durability to a level superior to the best tropical hardwood species.

Dasso XTR comes factory finished with decking oil in Espresso (dark brown) colour.

It is suitable for outdoor applications including decking, cladding, soffit, fence, lumber and panels.


Dasso's sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly exterior bamboo products are free from VOCs and have a negative carbon footprint. This means that the bamboo absorbs and stores more carbon during its 5-7 year growth compared to the carbon produced during the manufacturing process.

After its service, it can be repurposed or disposed safely without any harm to the environment or ending up as landfill.

It has been accredited LEED MR6 which is the highest rating for natural materials used in construction.

Wall & Eaves Cladding

Both XTR and CTECH are available in a range of products including wall and eaves cladding, soffit, fence, balustrade, lumber and panels.

All Dasso's exterior bamboo products perform just as well weathered as they do regularly maintained.

Peace of Mind

Dasso XTR and CTECH products are sold globally and  come with 25 years limited manufacturer's warranty.

Dasso products are FSC certified and environmentally friendly.

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Care Instructions

Both XTR and CTECH are natural products and appearance vary in both grain and colour. When exposed to prolonged sunlight, the colour will fade and eventually turn grey similar to any hardwood.

Normal weathering of XTR and CTECH does not affect its performance and can be left grey without any maintenance required. To rejuvenate and refresh your decking, simply clean and treat it with exterior decking oil.