Wood Countertops

Our aim is not just to produce beautiful, durable countertops of the highest quality. We also care about our customers and our environment. That is why we use glues and oils that are food safe and source our raw materials from sustainable and responsible suppliers.

A wooden countertop gives a warm, luxurious feel to any kitchen without compromising on quality or functionality.

All of our countertops are custom made to order, giving kitchen designers the flexibility to create unique and functional space solutions that will look natural and beautiful for years to come.

Work of Art

Our countertops are hand made and finished by our own team of experienced and professional carpenters.

Every countertop by Thaweephan is unique, both in terms of look and design. To achieve this, we use a dedicated team with the outmost focus and attention to detail to deliver the finest quality workmanship, every time.

This is how we offer kitchen designers the flexibility to design and create spaces that can truly reflect each customer’s individual needs and requirements.

Beautiful. Naturally.

All our countertops are factory finished with highest quality natural wood oil that creates a natural, food safe, stain resistant and easy to maintain surface.

Please follow our care instructions to ensure your countertop stays beautiful and durable for years to come.

Sinks & Taps

It is important to choose a high-quality, under-mountable sink with a built-in tap for a solid wood countertop.

Under-mounting of the sink allows the wood around the sink edge to breath and fully dry, minimizing problems with black marks and mould build-up. Under-mounting of the sink is done at our factory with specialist equipment.

Our experienced team assist kitchen designers with technical advice and support.

Wood Options

We offer a selection of wood options to help create your desired look and feel.

- White Oak
- Plantation Teak
- Walnut
- Bamboo

We minimise our environmental impact through sourcing our raw materials from sustainable and responsible sources and achieving close to zero waste in our production. We are meticulous in our efforts to preserve and protect our environment for our future generations.

Love & Care

Natural wood will always remain a living material that changes and adjusts to its environment. All countertops are factory finished with natural wood oil.

To maintain optimum strength and resistance we recommend to treat with oil 2-3 times per year. Do not place very hot items such as pots and pans directly onto the countertop as they may burn or discolour the surface.

For daily cleaning use water or a mild soap solution. Products containing detergent will dry out the wood and making frequent oiling necessary.

Look & Feel

Thaweephan's solid wood countertops are available at select kitchen retailers throughout Thailand.

Contact us for more information and location of your nearest showroom.

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